I’ve come to the conclusion that all bloggers only start blogs so that they will gain followers who think that they are as witty, hilarious, and awesome as they find themselves. I am no exception to this rule.

The problem? I have nothing witty, hilarious, or awesome to say about 98% of the time.

I have important questions to ask of the world, but if I post them here, no one is going to respond. So until I become internet famous, I’ll just write each of these posts as though I have an audience other than myself.

One benefit of being unemployed: I can go to the gym every single day if I feel like it. Which I don’t. Ever. But I still hope for a total personality transformation when it comes to working out–one morning, I’ll wake up happy and excited for all the sweaty possibilities that the day holds, and I’ll leap out of bed, throw on a sports bra and some tennis shoes, and burn calories all day long. I don’t know if there’s a magical weight or BMI that causes this transformation, but I’m on my way! (I hope.)

Today (aka day #37 of unemployment), I went to the gym thinking that I would only run. The deal I made with myself was to push past the mental brick wall I’ve built when I reach the impervious threshold of 2 miles/20 minutes. I see the mileage click from 1.99 to 2.00, and my brain and body shut down. I’m convinced that I will die if I go one step further, and then I hop off the treadmill and 30 seconds later think, “hmm…I feel like I have the energy left to run another mile or so.” So today my goal was just to break through the 20 minute barrier. And I did. I ran for 25 minutes straight, and I didn’t die. So I did an ab/free weight rotation to celebrate.

Another problem with running on a treadmill for more than 20 minutes? I get BORED. So bored. I have my iPod ready to go with my “gym” playlist (loaded with Ke$ha and Britney, obvi), and then I get doubly excited when one of the TVs is on and someone has the subtitles up and running. The best running days happen when I’m jamming to Britney while reading whatever show my fellow gym-toilers have chosen. I am sad on days when the TV isn’t on. Even if it’s CNN or something that might help me become more in touch with the world. One day I’ll be interested in current events and politics and other people and becoming a better person. One day.

Until then, I’m satisfied with the knowledge that I ran for 25 minutes today and felt like I had a little more left in me when I was finished.


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