I graduated from UVA 33 days ago. In other words: I’ve been unemployed for over a month. Since beginning my job hunt (all the way back in January), I have applied to 32 different jobs. 6 of these had absolutely nothing to do with the field in which I spent the past year (along with about $15,000 out of my pocket) fully immersing myself.

Part of the problem is that since returning to Charlottesville (heretofore referred to as ‘home’), I have decided that I’d like to remain here for a while. It’s a cool enough place when you’re young, but Charlottesville is a pretty awesome town once you’re of the legal age to drink alcohol, enter clubs, and actually appreciate the culture. So therein lies my problem. I’m not ready to leave, because I’ve only actually begun to explore my hometown in the past 12 months or so.

At the advice of a hiring consultant with whom I had a completely confusing exchange over coffee, I have decided to enter the world of blogging. I’m not sure that I’ll have anything profound to share with the world, but as he pointed out, at least it will keep me writing. So here goes.


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